A Note from the Conference Organizer, Randy Becker

I created NexTV Entertainment to give artists a REAL shot at having their voices heard. The Social Impact Conference & Expo is our way of fulfilling that mission while reminding us all why we are doing this in the first place.

When Studio Heads and Artists, Activists and Business-Owners sit shoulder-to-shoulder at our events, careers are changed WHILE important work is being done.

We can’t wait for you to participate in this year’s extraordinary event!

Get connected. Make an impact.

Randy Becker

Randy Becker

Founder, NexTV Entertainment

Randy Becker

A graduate of Brown University, Becker started his career as an award-winning actor, starring on Broadway (Tony Award-winning play), film and TV.

After a string of brilliant TV appearances ranging from bicycle cop to roller-blade cop to singing gangster he wondered if, perhaps, there was more he had to offer… so he produced a successful play in NYC, and his own film (screening at the Cannes Film Festival), before partnering to form a literary management & production company.

With the mission of ‘transitioning writers to filmmakers,’ Randy set up projects all over town, and raised independent capital to enable literary clients to direct their own work (often marking their directorial debut). The last project under this partnership was The Great Buck Howard, written and directed by client Sean McGinly (with John Malkovich, Emily Blunt and Tom Hanks).

In 2009, Randy formed NexTV Entertainment, a new kind of media company that places artist advocacy at the center of its model.

“NexTV gives talented artists and entrepreneurs a chance to fulfill their potential, by educating, connecting and advocating for those who are driven to make a significant impact in the world.

I began as an artist, then spent years as a business-owner in the entertainment industry. I saw that too many talented people embraced the notion that it was someone else’s job to steer their careers or develop the essential skill sets needed to succeed in any business. Today our innovative competitions, coaching programs and live events bring powerful opportunities to artists and entrepreneurs. I’ve enjoyed seeing the entertainment industry discover and embrace so many in the NexTV community and can’t wait for you to take part in this extraordinary event.”

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Randy is also a Global Change Ambassador for RoundTable Global, working with 65 leaders, influencers and activists that include the First Lady of Japan, the Minister of Happiness in Dubai, Policy Makers, CEO’s, Entrepreneurs and Inspiring Young People. This amazing network of like minded individuals volunteer their time, energy and resources to deliver 12 Global Goal Projects which are making a huge difference in the world. The Social Impact Conference is a platform to expand this eco-system of champions for change and inspire new projects to emerge.